Pax and Lys – take two!

When I first met these two last year, Alyssa’s hair was a little longer and Paxton moved a little slower.  Now she’s chopped off the locks and Pax is a walking machine. 

I was excited to see them again and meet their totally adorable (if a little shy) cousin Abigail.  Even though we couldn’t go outside (will this winter ever end?), we still had a blast indoors.  Alyssa started by showing off her red cowboy boots before moving on to a vintage flower girl dress (her Mom’s), and then back to a classic black and white ensemble (all her idea).  Paxton was a good enough sport to wear his own boots for a few minutes — even though mom Amanda tells me he hates to have anything on his feet. 

While I would love to take total credit for the first picture, I must thank Amanda for the great idea.  I’m always trying out new photo techniques, but when a parent (or child) has ideas of their own, it not only makes me even more excited for the shoot, it creates a fantastic collaboration between client and photographer. 

Amanda, I hope this is what you had in mind.  Enjoy the preview!