Vintage Cool | Spotlight on ModCloth | Wardrobe Wednesday

I may-or-may-not have found my new obsession: ModCloth. If you haven’t heard of them – no worries. I’ll get you all caught up!

ModCloth isn’t trying to be everything for everyone – it has definite retro/vintage style in almost every piece they feature. BUT, I’d say that everyone can find something they love at ModCloth. Be it a piece of jewelrysummer dress, cute home accessory or gift for a friend.

This is your source for hard-to-find vintage-inspired clothing. Just the other day I was with someone who mentioned having a hard time finding high-waisted shorts for summer. Having my newly-downloaded ModCloth iPhone App (more on that in a minute), I figured I’d give it a shot. Hard to find no more!

From ModCloth:

ModCloth is democratizing fashion one indie, vintage, and retro-inspored style at a time! The fashionable fun of vintage clothing and modern designs is always in season here. We welcome you to our wonderful world of retro clothing, accessorieshandbags, and shoes, where fresh floral patterns and flirty designs flourish, and cute dresses, fun frocks, and vintage swimwear spring into style. ModCloth provides an exciting and engaging online shopping experience for everyone in search of cute clothing designed with vintage fashion flair. Dozens of darling designs are added daily, so check back often for our perfect pieces of statement jewelry, our ravishingly retro dresses, and even more hot hits in indie clothing. We’re your sweetest source for women’s clothing and vintage-inspired fashion!

One of the reasons I’m such a huge fan is because of how ModCloth helps me – and my clients! – find great outfits to wear. Here are just some of the ways:


ModCloth has a Style Gallery where people basically upload photos of themselves wearing ModCloth or other vintage/indie outfits. These are real people – not models. The pics themselves are a fantastic source of outfit inspiration, but what happens when you find something you’d like for yourself? Couldn’t. Be. Easier. You click on the photo and a separate window pops up giving you immediate information on each piece in the photo with a link to add them to your shopping cart. If the piece in the photo wasn’t from ModCloth, they find something similar and link to that. Easy!


The Spotlight Style section groups items across the entire ModCloth brand into particular styles or genres. This means when you click on the “Vintage Wedding” spotlight, you’ll see vintage wedding-inspired dresses, hats, jewelry, shoes, and lingerie.

There’s more!

– The ModCloth Pinterest page has 3000+ pins of indie/vintage eye candy.

– ModCloth currently has over 800 Plus Size (16 and up) pieces – including a TON gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous swimsuits.

– Are you trying to add a few non-wardrobe pieces to a stylized photo shoot? Look no further – ModCloth is here. For example, I just found this antique phone handset for your iPhone – how cute! Only problem – it’s currently out of stock. Thankfully, I’m able to click “I NEED IT” and will now be notified via e-mail when it’s back in stock. Yay!

– They now have an iPhone/iPad App! This is hands-down one of the best retail apps I’ve found. You can easily browse through every category. You can apply filters like price, designer and size. You can save items as “Favorites”, read reviews, and share things you see via Facebook, Twitter, e-mail AND text! Since I’m constantly texting clients – especially seniors about their outfits – this makes it SUPER easy to show them pieces I think they’d like.

– And finally, their blog that DOESN’T just try to make you buy more of their products. It actually is packed with tons of interesting and useful information. Seriously, I could gush about it all day long. Just trust me and take a look. If you need a little more convincing, one recent post shows you how to master the beach waves look for your hair while another is a video interview with a Sea Otter Aquarist. Clearly all they want to do is push product…