Wardrobe Wednesday {frugal family fashion}

This post demonstrates that you don’t need to spend a fortune to look great (not good, not nice, but great!) in your family photos. Jennifer, from Minor Impressions Photography, succeeded in buying an entire outfit (head to toe) for a family of six for only $276.67. Still too much? Wearing your own pants and shoes brings the total down to $110.77. Are you kidding me?!? Great job, Jenn!


I have to admit, every time I do my post for Wardrobe Wednesday, I go to different stores looking for the cute outfits and accessories with hardly a care about looking at the price tag on each item. It sure is fun (and easy) to “cyber shop” when you know that bill really isn’t going to hit your pocket book.  But, let’s be reasonable here, good custom photography doesn’t come cheap and times are tough for many of us lately especially if we have kids. So, I was given a challenge to find a great ensemble for family portraits that comes only from the most-known discount store, Wal-Mart.

While conducting my search, I found that one of the best things about Wal-Mart apparel is that many times they come in sets or with coordinating accessories. For example, check out the Toddler Girl’s top. Not only does it come with the shirt, but it also has a blazer and scarf to match. All of this for only $10. YES, I said $10. Ok, I’ll admit, this is on clearance, but when this was regular price, it was only $12; it doesn’t get much better than that! I even found hair accessories that had multiple pieces so not only could the toddler girl use the bow, but the teenage girl could use the clips as well!

I’ve listed a few important points below to help you save money on your fabulous wardrobe so your budget can be put more toward purchasing those fabulous portraits!!

  1. Plan ahead. Pick out the one item you really want everything else to coordinate with and watch your Sunday ads. Go to your stores to check out items and watch for them to go on sale.
  2. Purchase items that have a coordinating accessory. Many times this can save you at least $10 for an outfit.
  3. Don’t worry about purchasing new jeans. If they don’t have spots and look good, why spend $15-$30 for a new pair?
  4. Use accessories you already have at home. I know it’s fun to go out and splurge for a new wardrobe for pictures, and if you have the money for it, great, but if you are having to be a little more conscious about where your pennies are going, then it doesn’t hurt to reuse some of “last year’s” accessories.
  5. Check out your local thrift stores. Often times, you can find some funky clothes, a great hat, scarf, and especially cool jewelry.
  6. Borrow from a friend. There’s no shame in asking a friend to borrow their fun jacket, fancy boots, or that perfect set of earrings. Besides, it’s an awesome compliment that you would want them in your special pictures.

You can find all of these awesome items at http://www.walmart.com!