Elizabeth & Julianne {family portrait sneak peek}

Perseverance pays off…usually.

Any Upstate New Yorker knows that the weather can change in an instant. You look at the 10 days forecast (eh, forget that) – or even the hourly forecast – and it’s still usually a roll of the dice (especially in late fall).

After rescheduling our shoot twice due to rain, we decided to chance it on an early Saturday morning. While the temperatures were relatively mild (for November), the grass was damp and very cold. Julianne and Elizabeth (10 months old) were real troopers, but we could all tell they were chilly and not totally on their game. It didn’t stop me from falling in love with them. These are two of the sweetest, most cuddliest girls I’ve ever met. During some one-on-one time, I quietly whispered in their ears, “Shhh… Don’t tell your parents, but once we’re done, you’re going to go home with me.”

It didn’t work.

About a week later we were all blessed with a string of shockingly warm days (yay!) and decided to give this one more try. We opted for an afternoon, and boy did we luck out. The sun was setting – the grass was dry – and the girls were just as cute as ever. Once again, I whispered in their ears, “You want to come home with me, right?” The smiled politely, and then shook their head to say no.

I had to try.

Christine and Jon — I hope these were worth the wait. And if you ever need a babysitter, just let me know!

…babies drink wine, right?






  • November 18, 2010 - 1:16 pm

    Erin Morris - OH. MY. WORD! These are stunning. I would definitely say it was worth the wait. These are fabulous!