A gift that keeps giving… {Reynolds + DeMass extended family sneak peek}

I'm a huge fan of giving holiday gifts that make you excited about a future event – tickets to a show, a night at a B&B, etc. There's just something about having an event to look forward to that seems to make the cold winter pass just a little faster. Well, last week Kathy and Steve cashed in on a Christmas gift certificate for an extended family photo session. I hope it was worth the wait!

I met this genuinely funny (and gorgeous!) family at the Sterling Nature Center. The sun was taking its time to set, so we snapped some pics in a nearby field while watching a deer bound through the tall grass. After making our way to the beach, we took a quick break to enjoy the water a bit. I didn't think Lake Ontario ever got that warm – it was like bath water!

Enjoy the sneak peek, and see if you can guess how old little Lilli is…