Wardrobe Wednesday {what to wear – senior guys!}

I can’t even tell you how excited I am to start the senior season. Last year I truly had a blast shooting the Class of 2010, and now I have a ton of new ideas for this year. If you haven’t already checked it out, visit my MDP Seniors website. Don’t wait until the last minute to reserve your date!

We’ve covered some great outfits for girls in the past, but this week Kelly Valeri of Kelly V. Photography and Black Lace Images decided to focus on the guys. Her advice and outfit ideas totally rock. Thanks, Kelly!

“Since the class of 2011 is scheduling senior sessions in full force, I thought I’d offer some suggestions for the guys. I think a common misconception is that men don’t care how they look, when really, most of the guys I shoot bring just as many outfits to their session as the girls. Although you’ll naturally gravitate toward your favorite things in your closet, be sure to choose a variety of looks, too. Even one dressier outfit will help round out your photos.

In the first outfit below, I took a classic button-down shirt and made two completely different looks with it. One is dressy, one is more casual. For the casual look, I’d recommend rolling up the sleeves. But if you choose to go the more formal route and you’re looking for funky ties, check out the shopping list. I found a site that’s FULL of them.

While you’re packing, don’t forget to choose something that’s just, well, you. If you wear crazy graphic T-shirts, bring a few. If color is your thing, don’t shy away from it. And be sure to bring a variety of shoes, too. Different looks need different finishing touches. Ties just don’t go with flip flops. Unless that’s your thing!”


Outfit 1
Casual Version –
Shirt: Gap, $33 (sale)
Tee: Gap, $16.50 (two or more $12.50 each)
Jeans: Gap, $64.50
Shoes: Sketchers, $59

Dressy Version –
Shirt: Gap, $33 (sale)
Khakis: Gap, $44.50
Shoes: Sketchers, $55
Tie: Zazzle.com, $32

Outfit 2
Jacket: Abercrombie & Fitch, $100
Plaid shirt: A&F, $60
Jeans: A&F, $98
Belt: A&F, $48
Sandals: A&F, $48

Outfit 3
Hoodie: Old Navy, $24.50
Reversible shorts: Old Navy, $15 (sale)
Etnies tee: Pac Sun, $28
Shoes: Journies, $60

If you want to schedule your Class of 2011 senior pictures, e-mail me at morgan.dawson@mac.com!

If you want to schedule your Class of 2011 senior pictures, e-mail me at morgan.dawson@mac.com!