Wardrobe Wednesday {what to wear – families with teens}

The timing of this post couldn’t be better! Just yesterday I booked an extended family session with grandparents and two sets of parents with teen kids. Their first question to me: “What should we all wear?” I totally agree with Lindsay of Lindsay Horn Photography – don’t be matchy-matchy! And don’t be afraid of punches of color – it really helps give more visual interest to your photo.


“Since I photograph a lot of seniors, I also end up photographing a lot of families with older children (teens and college-age).  Just because your children are “grown” does not mean you can’t have a casual family portrait with killer outfits.  In fact, the same rules apply!  I think that they key to a great casual wardrobe is looking put-together without wearing the same thing.  I can hear you already, “but wearing the same thing is so much easier!”  That may be true, but the end result often looks very traditional and formal, and if you are one of my clients, then that’s probably not what you came to me for.  So, take a deep breath and read on.  It’s not as hard as it sounds!

Pick a color scheme.  I usually suggest one or two muted or neutral colors (browns and creams here) and then an accent color (a lovely turquoise blue).  Pick clothes that you are comfortable in and that you like!  Your cute teenage daughter will probably want to wear something current and stylish – that’s wonderful!  Your typical teenage son will likely want to wear something casual, something he’s comfortable in.  That is just fine, and he may enjoy the experience a little more because of it.  Dad wants to wear jeans – great!  That’s the beauty of a casual portrait.  Everyone gets to let some of their own personality shine through and the end result is fabulous.  And yes, Mom, that means that you get to buy those killer shoes you’ve been eyeing.  I give you permission!”


Shopping List



Turquoise Polo – Sears $8.99

Cargo Shorts – JC Penney $19.99

Sandals – Kohl’s $9.99



Top – Kohl’s $17.99

Skinny Jeans – Kohl’s $29.99

Sandals – Kohl’s $29.99



Button-up Shirt – Kohl’s $14.99

Jeans – JC Penney – $32.99

Shoes – Kohl’s $41.99



Brown Top – JC Penney $16.99

Khaki Capri’s – JC Penney $17.99

Bronze Sandals – Kohl’s $39.99