Wardrobe Wednesday {what to wear – today!}


I can’t tell you how many shoots I’ve been to where someone (usually Mom) doesn’t want to be photographed, and it’s often because they aren’t 100% thrilled with their body at the moment. While I can totally understand, I think it’s a shame to not have the entire family together for a shot or two. Just think of the memories you’ll have when your children get older! Right now YOU want pictures of THEM. But what about down the road? What about when your kids want to see pictures of Mom? If you’re not convinced yet, check out this blog post from a fellow photographer called “Is there a perfect time?”


Ok, so now that I’ve guilted you into getting in front of the camera, what can we do to make you feel more comfortable? This is where today’s Wardrobe Wednesday comes in. Jennifer Minor of Minor Impressions Photography has put together three outfits that will help you feel your absolute best. Throw on some heels, push your shoulders back and smile!



“Ok, so I admit that one of my biggest reasons that I don’t let too many people take pictures of me is because I am not quite a size 4. Let’s just say that I’ve had a couple of kids and my body isn’t really shaped the way it was when I was in college. This seems to be the reason that many of my clients put off taking pictures as well or if they finally agree to have pictures taken, they usually choose something black to wear. So, I decided that I would show you ladies that you don’t have to be tiny to have flattering family portraits done, and you can add a little bit of color to your wardrobe. These outfits are great to coordinate with any family session, but it’s also perfect for the graduating seniors who have a fuller figure.

The first two outfits have bottoms that are high-wasted. The blue jeans and the pencil-skirt both accentuate the smallest part of your waste and help to elongate the section between your waist and knees. You should avoid low-rise jeans because it makes your legs look shorter, and the darker wash jeans are better because stone-wash jeans often emphasize your rear and legs and make them larger than they really are. Both shirts fall right at the waste which draws the eye to the smallest part of your body, but they don’t cling to your stomach.

Outfit # 3 is a great sundress that really makes the waste look tiny. Many women are also self-conscious about their arms, so it is great to pair with a cardigan.

Higher-heeled shoes are a great way to make your legs look much longer. The higher the heel, the longer your legs will look, but be sure to wear something you will be comfortable in.”



Shopping List:


Outfit 1

Shirt – Dillards– $38.00

Jeans – Belk– $32.99

Shoes – Dillards– $49.99

Earrings – Overstock.com – $19.99


Outfit 2

Shirt – Dillards– $29.99

Skirt – Lane Bryant – $44.50

Shoes – Target– $19.99


Outfit 3

Cardigan – Old Navy – $22.50

Dress – Old Navy – $34.50

Shoes – Dillards – $79.00

Necklace – Old Navy – $8.99