Wardrobe Wednesday {bellies and babies}


I’m a little late, but that doesn’t mean I’m not totally excited to share today’s Wardrobe Wednesday! Erica May, of Erica May Photography, decided to focus on maternity and newborn sessions. She’s been knocking these shoots out of the park lately, so please take a few minutes to check out herwebsite and newborn album on Facebook. I couldn’t agree more with her suggestions – especially the cute accessories for the newborn shoots. And don’t miss the adorable necklace for Mom – it’s a GREAT gift idea!

Thanks, Erica!

“This week I chose to highlight what to wear for a maternity session and there also a few ideas at the end on what to dress your baby in for their newborn session. For the maternity session I chose two different outfits. This is definitely not required for your maternity session however if it is ok with your photographer and if there is a place to change (or if you are skilled at changing in the car, behind a tree, etc.. =P) then I definitely recommend it. A new outfit can change the whole look and feel of your session! For pregnant women it is nice to show off that baby bump so tighter fitting shirts and dresses are great if you feel comfortable in them. We definitely want the focus more on you but don’t forget about dad too if he is in the pictures. Since cute and fashionable maternity clothes can be hard to find pick out your outfit first and then just pull colors from that for your guy to wear. Also feel free to bring anything to the session as far as props go (i.e. your baby’s name in blocks or letters, special stuffed animals, cute baby shoes). If you are not sure, just bring it and your photographer will let you know if it will work or not.

A lot of people ask what they need to have for their newborn session. Really you don’t need to worry about having anything! Your photographer will most likely bring it all. BUT if you have some time and just like to shop feel free to buy a few special headbands, hats, or diaper covers for your session. The nice thing about doing this is that you can pick colors that work with your baby’s nursery or your house AND they become a keepsake. How special would it be to show your kids their newborn pictures and have one of the little hats that they wore in them. They will never believe their head was that tiny! =P. It is a good idea though if you buy any props for your newborn session to send your photographer a picture of what you have that way they can plan and coordinate what blankets and backdrops they will be bringing! All of my choices below for newborns are found on Etsy. I highlighted some of my favorite shops however there are a ton of different sellers to choose from! For mom and dad I recommend solid color shirts to keep the focus on baby. You can even go shirtless for dad and a small tank for mom if you want a really natural look.”




Shopping Guide:


Outfit #1


Jeans – $29.99 Old Navy

Maternity Striped Gauze Button Front Top – $24.50 Old Navy

Maternity Cropped Denim Jacket – $29.50 Old Navy

Steve Madden “Sysco” Shoes – $39.99 Dillards

Hand Stamped Jewelry Necklace (with baby’s name) – $38.00 Etsy (sayanythingjewelry)



Jersey Cargo Polo –$9.99 Old Navy

Boot Cut Jeans – $79.50 Banana Republic

Sketcher “Urbantrack” shoes – $55 Dillards


Outfit #2


Smocked Tank Dress – $59.50 GAP

Kenneth Cole Flower Sandals – $49.99 Dillards

Purple Swarovski Flower Pendant with beaded chain $7.50 Etsy (crystalglowdesign)



Classic Flat front shorts – $29.95 American Eagle

Slim Fit Plaid Shirt – $54.50 Banana Republic

Basic Leather Flip-Flop – $16.99 Aeropostale





Various Headbands found on Etsy (pictured headband is from Neisha’s Blue Boutique)

Various Simple Headbands on Etsy (pictures headband is from handmadebyharlan)

Various Beanies and Hats on Etsy (above hat from JoCo Couture)

Various Diaper Covers on Etsy (above diaper cover from JoCo Couture)



Various Beanies and Hats on Etsy (above hat from JoCo Couture)

Various Diaper Covers on Etsy (above diaper cover from JoCo Couture)