Congratulations! Welcome to the Morgan Dawson Photography Class of 2016! We are so excited to work with you and beyond thrilled you’ve chosen to work with us.

Please take a minute to bookmark this page. This will serve as your go-to guide for all things related to your senior shoot. It’s also a good idea to forward this link to your parent/guardian so they have all the details as well.

If you haven’t already done so, please send your session fee payment via check to Morgan Dawson Photography at 309 Eaglehead Road, East Rochester, NY 14445. If you are planning on paying via PayPal or credit card, Morgan will send you an invoice soon.

We want you to have a fantastic experience working with us, so please know that you can contact us at ANY time via cell at 585-269-9361 or e-mail at


One of the first things you’ll want to do is think about where you’d like your senior session to be held. Since sometimes it’s best to see examples, Morgan has created an online gallery categorized by location. You can view it here:

Please enter your email address and the password “locations2016”. Please know that these are only meant to give you a taste of each spot, rather than show you every possible angle. As you look through the images, feel free to indicate any “favorites” by clicking on the heart icon. Morgan will be able to see exactly which photos you are most drawn to and begin to determine a session day game plan.

While there are dozens of amazing locations that Morgan has used with great results in the past, new location suggestions are always welcome. If there is any location that you feel you MUST have for your session, please let Morgan know right away. If you see areas you think could be new options, snap a few quick photos to share. It’s important to take photos as close to the time of day when your session will likely be held (2-4 hours prior to sunset). If the area is not covered by shade, please try to take the photo FACING the sun, as this is the angle that is most often flattering for portraits.

If you’d rather leave the locations up to Morgan, great! Answers given on your Questionnaire and any wardrobe ideas that have been communicated prior to the shoot all help to determine which locations will best fit YOU and your personal style.


No matter what your style – or how much of a fashionista you are – you’ll want to take some time putting together a few well thought-out outfits. The What to Wear Guide and #seniorstyle Pinterest board by JournaStyle should be your first two reads before you start gathering clothes:

Senior Shoot What to Wear Guide:

What to Wear #seniorstyle Pinterest board by JournaStyle:

General Outfit Suggestions:

  • Saturated colors, or even bright pops, photograph beautifully. Be aware of any colors that work better or worse with your skin tone. If people often say, “You look great in X color,” bring it!
  • Texture helps to add dimension and interest to your outfit. Ruffles, a chunky knit, leather or suede jacket – all great options.
  • Layers! Think cardigans, jackets, skirt over leggings, etc.
  • Accessories! This is really where an ordinary outfit can become stellar. If you have pierced ears, Morgan will want you to have earrings in every shot. Big/flowy/chunky/shiny jewelry rocks! Since many pics will be tight face shots with an arm/hand in the frame, funky rings and cuff bracelets look great. And don’t forget your shoes! What you wear on your feet can easily be a last-minute decision, but shouldn’t be. Boots, ballet flats, wedges, killer heels – LOVE. It may sound harsh, but this will be a time to put fashion over comfort. If they look good – wear ‘em!


For hair and makeup inspiration, head here:
Senior Portrait Makeup Ideas:
Senior Portrait Hair Ideas:


NO tanning. We know you may want to have a golden tan for the pictures, but heading to a tanning booth or sitting in the sun before your shoot is not the way to go. Not only is it not good for your body, but overly tanned bodies can easily look unnatural and less than flattering. Please be sure to wear plenty of sunscreen and avoid the tanning booth for at least two weeks prior to your shoot date. Also, be very aware of tan lines that your shoes may create.

You may want to exfoliate your face, but please do it a few nights before the shoot since some redness and irritation may occur. Be sure your brows have been trimmed and waxed, if necessary.

Guys. Have your facial hair shaved or trimmed prior to your shoot. Avoid shaving just before we meet to avoid any redness or marks.

Since you’ll be photographed wearing several different outfits, groomed and freshly polished neutral nails (hand and toe) are best for the shoot. Also, avoid having any tight items on your skin for the day (tight socks or hair bands around your wrists), as they may leave marks.

Double check all clothing to make sure they are clean and ironed. Polish any jewelry that may need a shine. Pack a bag with all undergarments (tanks, neutral undergarments, strapless bra, socks) you may need for your shoot.

Be sure to get plenty of rest the night before your shoot!


Approximately 1-2 weeks prior to your shoot we will schedule a phone meeting to discuss your locations, wardrobe, etc. You’ll want to set aside 30-40 minutes. Please have your parents available during that time period.

Please be prepared with location ideas (please look through the location gallery above and indicate “favorites” with the heart icon) and information about any props you have or would like to include. Pictures of new locations and props are very useful, so email or text them to Morgan before the phone meeting. For the locations, photos taken in the late-afternoon/early-evening facing the sun are the most helpful.

Morgan (and Tiffany!) will have reviewed your Session Questionnaire and have plenty of ideas. The more detailed your answers on the Session Questionnaire, the better.

If you know what your outfits will be, we’ll discuss those at that time. If you’d like, text or email pictures of them as well.


Eat something. Believe it or not, you’ll likely be exhausted after the shoot. It will be a long day and you’ll need plenty of energy. Be sure to eat something before your shoot. We’ll have some snacks for during the shoot, but feel free to pack your own if you’d like. Bottled water is also a must!

To prep for your hair and makeup with Tiffany, please arrive at the studio with your face washed and free of any makeup. Do apply a hydrating moisturizer. Your hair should be washed and air-dried the night before, if possible. If you typically straighten your hair, please avoid this on the day of your shoot – especially if you would like to have your hair curled for your shoot.

Be sure to have example photos (from your phone, a magazine, etc.) of how you’d like your hair and makeup for your session. Tiffany will look things over and discuss a game plan for your shoot. If you’d like to contact Tiffany prior to your shoot, feel free to email her at

Wear a button-up shirt or a top with a wide neck so you can easily switch into your first outfit.


The studio is located inside the Art and Vintage on Main building at 101 Main Street in East Rochester. When you drive north on Main Street, we’re the last building on the left before you hit the train tracks. You should find plenty of parking all around. Our entrance will be on the left side of the building as you face it from the street – under the “Art and Vintage” sign.

If your session includes hair and makeup with Tiffany, she will meet you at the studio. For [Senior Guy] sessions, Morgan will greet you. In either case, please plan on bringing inside all of the clothing and accessories you plan on wearing for your shoot.


Once a game plan is in place, you’ll change into your first outfit and we’ll head to our initial location. You may drive yourself, ride with a friend or parent/guardian, or ride with Morgan. A parent, friend, sibling may join us, but their presence is not required. In some cases parents are with us the entire time, while others choose to slip away for a bit or leave altogether in order to give you privacy (and to be totally surprised at the outcome). It’s up to you.

Don’t worry about changing your outfits. We have a portable changing room that can be used in any location for total privacy.

Don’t worry about knowing how to strike a pose like a supermodel. We’ll give you a quick rundown of positions and poses that you may use during the shoot, but we’re pretty chill and casual.

As was mentioned in the Portrait Agreement, the use of cameras other than Morgan’s is strictly prohibited; however, feel free to snap selfies and behind-the-scene pics for your own use or to share on social media. Just be sure to tag Morgan (and Tiffany!) when you post images!

As ALWAYS, please know that you can call/text/tag/email us with any question you may have. We’re here to help!

Cheers to an awesome senior portrait experience!

Morgan & Tiffany