New Senior Photo Session! {MDP Senior Pairs}

Even though I do my best to get to know my clients before the shoot, there really is no one who knows you better than your best friend. I can try to think of a million cute or funny things to say or do that might elicit a particular reaction, but one glance or word from your friend can do more in just one second than I can do the entire shoot. These real moments are exactly what we’re looking for – what makes for the best photos.

This is why I’m so excited to announce a new type of senior shoot: MDP Senior Pairs. These sessions allow you and a friend (or two…) to have your senior pictures taken at the same time. This once-in-a-lifetime experience can be done with your best friends with you. And, as an added bonus, you’ll get some fantastic shots of you together. Photos where one of you weren’t holding the camera!

We’ll start by scheduling a pre-session consultation where we can talk about locations, outfits, etc. Since I prefer to pair the location to the clothes, it’s best if we can all meet at the same time. This way, not only can we decide what outfits you’ll wear in each location, but what you can wear when I take your pictures together. The more planning, the better!

On the day of the shoot, we’ll talk about the game plan and get started right away. Most of the session will be me taking solo pictures – rotating who goes when – but there will definitely be some time for shots together. Here are some examples!