Mariel {Avon Senior Photo Rep | MDP Seniors}

I’m thrilled to announce the first of my Class of 2013 MDP Senior Reps: Mariel! I’ve been lucky enough to photograph Mariel a few times over the years with the rest of her family, but this was the first one-on-one shoot.

One of the main goals in my work with seniors is to allow them to see themselves as the adult they are becoming, while capturing the youth and energy of their teenage years. Mariel is a perfect example: She’s beautiful, and I’ve seen her become the person she is now. But she’s not afraid to have fun and show off her personality. For a photographer, it’s ideal!

As you can tell, she was a blast to photograph – and not just because of the killer outfits she brought. We laughed and smiled through the entire shoot! Here’s what Mariel has to say…

“I’m Mariel Brinkerhoff and I am part of Avon Central School’s class of 2013. I’m a dancer, musician, and a very artistic and unique person, which is one of the reasons I love being a Rep for Morgan Dawson photography. Morgan’s pictures are so different from any other senior portraits I’ve seen because of the variety of unique locations for her photos, which ensures that your pictures will be true to your style. I am also a fashion addict, and I was very excited when Morgan told me I should bring as many outfits as I wanted!

My rep shoot was in November. I brought my friend Shannon along with me and we had an awesome time picking outfits, finding great locations, and channeling America’s Next Top Model…or attempting to. It was so much fun because Morgan is so great to work with, and the locations we chose in Rochester were super cool and unique (like that awesome graffiti wall!). Being a Rep for Morgan Dawson Photography has been such a wonderful experience so far, and will definitely be a fun way to remember my senior year!”

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