Katie + Glenn {maternity session}

As a severely pregnant photographer, I thought I was done with shoots before the baby. But then this happened.

I took a phone call, and the conversation went roughly like this…

Katie: I know this is last-minute, but I’m due in less than two weeks and would like to schedule a maternity session.

Me: Congratulations! I’m due soon myself. What is your due date?

Katie: March 10th. You?

Me. March 10th.

Katie: Wow.

Me: Wow. (Pause. Silence.) Any chance you’re free this Friday?

Katie: Absolutely! Unless the baby comes first, of course.

I could not have known she would deliver a beautiful baby boy less than 48 hours after we met.

That Friday, we were both just eight days shy of d-day, but ready to channel our inner Tim Gunn and make it work. And it turns out that Katie was an absolute rock star. We started with some shots at her home, then went to two different locations. She was up and down – sitting, standing, sitting, standing – all the while with a soon-to-be-mama glow about her.

And what about dad? I instantly felt the excitement that was running through Glenn, and I really think you can see it in the photos. His love for Katie and the baby couldn’t be clearer. I absolutely loved photographing them, especially on the eve of the start of Katie’s labor.

Think about that for a moment.

The very NEXT DAY I received word from Glenn that Katie was in labor! Talk about going down to the wire. While I don’t have any pics to share, I can tell you all that Katie and Glenn welcomed William into their lives on March 11th. Hugs and congrats to you both!

katie and glenn maternity session image 1 katie and glenn maternity session image 2 katie and glenn maternity session image 3