Wardrobe Wednesday {senior guy style}

It’s never too early to start thinking about what you’ll wear for you senior portrait session, which is why I’m thrilled Lindsay decided to focus on senior guys this week. She’s showing three totally different looks – a little something for everyone. Enjoy!


This week I decided to focus on an often overlooked group: the senior guys. Just because killer senior portraits aren’t always on the top of their to-do list doesn’t mean that they don’t want to look great too. I’ve pulled a few different looks together for guys of all types using many of our tried and true guidelines – textures, layers, and of course, an accessory too.

The first look is a classic casual outfit – jeans with a plaid button up, with either a cool jacket or sweater layered over top. I think an outfit like this would suit almost anyone and almost any location too, it’s very versatile. The second outfit is the GQ look.  I’m still waiting for a senior to come with a GQ wardrobe (hint, hint, guys!), but for the right guy it would really make the images stand out. I can easily see a look like this paired in a modern or more industrial urban environment. The last look is for all of the hipsters out there. I fell in love with the varsity-style cardigan, but really liked the look of the whole outfit. Add a fedora for an extra touch! I think this outfit would look great in an older vintage downtown area or a great coffee shop or cozy book store. SHOPPING TIP: If you find an article of clothing that you love online, make sure to check out the different images available – retailers often show a full ensemble using the piece (like the cardigan) and it may give you ideas on putting together the rest of your outfit.

Shopping List


Red Plaid Shirt – Old Navy $24.50
Tan Jacket – Old Navy $65
Tan Sweater – Gap $59.99
Jeans – Old Navy $29.50
Shoes – Piperlime $64.99

Suit – Express (although any tailored suit will do) $326.00
Striped Tie – Express $39.90
Solid Tie – Express $39

Cardigan – Urban Outfitters $39
Chambray Shirt – Old Navy $24.50
Khakis – Old Navy $27.00
Sperrys – Piperlime $85
Fedora – Old Navy $14.94