Wardrobe Wednesday {senior style on a budget}

Don’t let the title fool you – even though I’m long past my high school days I want every single piece Lindsay has put together. And with the price tag (wow!) I just might do it 🙂


Wardrobe is such an important aspect of your overall portrait experience, but putting together the type of wardrobe you want can often become expensive quickly! This is especially the case for seniors who might be more fashion-conscious than the average consumer. Well, don’t fear, you can put together several great and stylish outfits without breaking the bank! I’ve compiled three looks from head to toe, accessories and all, for less than $175. Better yet, substitute some of your own existing items (like boots or jeans) and save even more.

For the classic casual look, I’ve paired a great pair of boots with a beautiful sweater and belt combo. Add in the scarf and knit hat or wear it on its own. If it’s too cold to stick with short sleeves, you could easily throw on a long-sleeve shirt underneath for a nice layered look. One thing I always recommend to my cool-weather seniors is to use a great jacket to expand your wardrobe. Throwing on a jacket can give the appearance of a completely different outfit, especially when paired with some other cold weather accessories like a colorful scarf and hat. For the dressier look, I went with a pretty seasonal sweater dress glammed up with some fun accessories like the feather headband and necklace. Add the jacket on top for a few shots to change it up once again!

There are great deals to be found, especially this time of year! You can get a steal at stores like Forever 21 and Wet Seal, especially on shoes and accessories, while you can grab your staples at a great price at stores like Target and Old Navy. Happy shopping!


Casual Look
Jeans –  Wet Seal $18.55
Sweater –  Target $22.99
Boots –  Target $29.99

Outerwear & Accessories
Jacket –  Old Navy $25.99
Scarf – Forever21 $9.80
Hat –  Forever21 $5.50

Dressy Look
Dress –  Target $20.99
Tights –  Target $5.60
Boots –  Wet Seal $23.99
Headband –  Forever21 $5.80
Necklace –  Forever21 $4.80