Kacey {Victor Senior Portraits}

You learn a lot about someone when, during a portrait session, it starts to rain. Really, really, hard.

Kacey hung in there. We laughed and refused to give up!

Fortunately, the rain only came near the end, so we were able to enjoy a truly outstanding session. Kacey worked so hard on choosing the right outfits, and her thoughtful decisions definitely paid off. She looks great, and I couldn’t have had more fun working with her!

And here’s a little behind-the-scenes info: One of my favorite shots is the last one in this slideshow, in which Kacey has her hand on her hat. Great pose, showing some personality and a little playfulness, right? Turns out she was simply trying to make sure the hat wasn’t ripped off her head by some serious wind gusts! It was a kind of happy accident that became a gorgeous image. I love it.