Wardrobe Wednesday {senior style trends}

Lindsay, of Lindsay Horn Photography and LHP Seniors, is here to talk about current fashion trends that can really make a difference in your senior photo session. I LOVE what she’s showing and can’t wait to photograph the Class of 2012. If you haven’t checked it out, be sure to visit my MDP Seniors site.

Lindsay writes:

The benefit of photographing so many gorgeous and very fashion-conscious senior girls is that I’m able to spot some trends as they pop up over different sessions.  Now some of these trends are great, but really make no difference to the photographer per se.  However, there are some trends floating around out there that won’t only make you look good, but they will really make your photographer happy as well if you take advantage of them!  Before we get started, let me say that my #1 rule in senior wardrobes is to wear something that you are comfortable in, something that is YOU.  So don’t feel the need to jump on the bandwagon of any of these ideas if it’s just not your thing.   Okay?  Great!  Here we go …


Vintage Vibe

I’m not going to lie, I’m a girl with a heart for all things vintage, so this particular trend excites my creative soul in particular!  I love the throwback vintage trend right now that I see so many of my seniors embracing, especially when it comes to dresses.  They usually have such a soft feminine look that makes them stand out and look fabulous in almost any type of location.  Typically, they aren’t as short as some of the more modern fashions, which will make life much easier on your photographer (more on this later).  I love this beautiful lace dress that one of my seniors wore – paired with a belt and cowboy boots it made for a great look!  Find a similar dress at Old Navy for $24.99, or check our stores like Anthropologie and Francesca’s for some great vintage looks.



Bring on the Belts

You may notice lots and lots of belts even in the non-belt images in this post!  Using belts is a great way to help break up and balance a pattern or bold color, hold a layer in place, and just add some more depth and texture to your overall wardrobe.  It’s an accessory that you really can’t go wrong with – brown, black, multicolored, thin, wide – they all can add that extra punch to your images.  The brown belt picture above can be picked up at Old Navy for $17.94, and you can find the black belt at Forever 21 for $7.80.


Pocket Dresses

I get giddy with excitement whenever I see a senior pull out a dress with pockets.  Not only are they just really cute (I definitely wish they were around when I was in high school), but it offers your photographer some fun options in regards to posing.  We are always trying to come up with flattering and different things to do with your hands (there can’t be many photographers out there who haven’t heard, “what do I do with my hands?”), and I love pocket dresses for opening up a whole new world in that regard.  If you wear a dress with pockets, make sure your photographer knows!  Sometimes it’s amazing how well they can hide, especially in those fuller A-line skirts.  You can find the orange dress at Overstock.com for $86.00, the printed dress at Dillard’s for $17.40, and the grey dress at Dillard’s for $49.00.



Headbands & Hats

As photographers, I guarantee that we all dream about clients bringing adorable headbands and hats to wear for at least a few shots during a session.  We love it for the same reason the clients should – it really makes the images stand out.  Accessories like that, when used well with the right outfit and location, can really make your images unique.  Trust me, photographers want our images to be unique just as much as you do!  The variety is endless as well.  Headbands run the gamut from really skinny bands (shown here from Forever 21 for $3.80) to more intricate headbands decorated with beautiful vintage flowers and a birdcage veil (shown here from TFJ Designs for $25.00).  There are so many cute hats in style right now too – from stylish fedoras (shown here from Gap for $29.50) to cowboy hats to straw floppy hats or hip newsboy hats.  There really is something out there for everyone.  I always stress to my clients that bringing something like this does NOT mean you will be stuck wearing it the whole session.  We normally throw it on for a few shots and then take it off, so you shouldn’t shy away for that reason.



Statement Shoes

I’m always so amazed to see the killer shoes that my seniors show up to a session with.  Picking a great pair of shoes to top off an outfit can really make all the difference in giving you the COMPLETE look.  This winter and fall I saw some seriously drool-worthy boots, but since spring is here I am focusing on more warm-weather looks.  Now being from Texas, I do believe that cowboy boots are good in any season, and colorful glammed up cowboy boots can really give your images that “pop” and sense of personality that you want.  You can find these awesome urban boots at Forever 21 for $32.80.  Using colorful shoes to accent your outfit is a great way to maximize impact and tie everything together – don’t feel like you have to stick to standard brown or black.  You can find these fun turquoise sandals at Nordstrom for $78.95.  Embellished sandals are so in right now and can almost make your shoes feel like a cool piece of jewelry!  Being a natural light photographer, I love how the light plays off of anything shiny, and shoes are no exception.  Find these great embellished sandals at JC Penney for $29.99.



In closing, there’s really only one current trend I’ve seen that I think you will really want to be wary of, and that is the mini-dress or skirt.  I can’t say that I’ve run into it in one of my sessions, but it is a prevalent fashion trend so it’s worth addressing.  I encourage my clients to wear dresses, but they do somewhat limit what you can do in regards to posing.  The super-short lengths available out there right now are VERY limiting, and they aren’t always the most flattering option.  Keep in mind that the way something will photograph is different from the way something will look as you go about your daily routine.  A photograph captures a brief second in time, and with really restrictive clothing with a lot of skin exposure, those tiny seconds here and there may not always be the most flattering.  So, if you are dead set on wearing something ultra-short to your session, make sure you walk around in it ahead of time, stand in different positions, check yourself out in a mirror and make sure that you are 100% happy with what you see.  If you are, then it’s definitely something your photographer can work with!