Wardrobe Wednesday {sophisticated style}

Jennifer, of Minor Impressions Photography, has done it again – I LOVE this post! It just goes to show that classic and sophisticated does NOT equal dull and boring. Here’s what she has to say:

It’s hard to believe, but my parents will be celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary next month! My mom has already requested that we have a family portrait with all of their kids and grandchildren, but I will be suggesting that she also takes the time to reflect on just her and my dad’s relationship, and have a session with just the two of them.

Of course, a lot has changed in 40 years. Not only have different fashions and styles come and gone, but our body shapes can change quite a bit in 40 years as well. {I know mine has changed significantly in just the 10 years I’ve been married!} So, it’s understandable that “finely aged” couples are hesitant when it comes to having portraits done. After all, for many couples, the last time they had pictures of just the two of them may very well have been their engagement pictures when they were a size 4 and their laugh lines and love handles had yet to make their appearance. Don’t let the emergence of your well-lived life deter you from capturing this special moment in time. You can find some modernly chic ensembles that not only reflect your mature side, but portray your enduring effervescent personalities as well.

You’ll see in the wardrobe below that I’ve chosen some items which can be mixed and matched. The top outfits are more casual and allow you to have a session in the park or somewhere that shows your fun side. Find some swings, or bring a blanket to lie in the grass. The woman’s jacket will help to hide some of those “age marks” around your waste and you can switch out the different tank tops and/or pants to have an alternative color and look. The men should find a shirt that has slight accents of the various colors, but be sure to roll up those sleeves and relax a little. The bottom selection gives you an opportunity to pep things up a bit and reveal your ongoing romantic relationship. These outfits are great for an urban location and add a touch of sophistication. Don’t forget the accessories to pull everything together and bring a few props that exemplify the connection you have.

wardrobe wednesday for mature couples

Shopping Guide:

For Her

Chicos Pink Tank

Chicos Jacket

Chicos Orange Tank

Chicos White Capris

Chicos Brown Sandal

Chicos Necklace

Chicos Necklace 2

Chicos Bracelet

For Him

Men’s Dress Shirt

Men’s Dress Pants

Men’s Casual Shirt

Men’s Casual Pants

Men’s Vest

Men’s Hat