Wardrobe Wednesday {Outfits for your Easter photos}

Since Easter is late this year, there will be more than enough time to get in a fun early spring photo shoot. Jennifer, from Minor Impressions, has some adorable outfit ideas for both a dressy OR casual look. Enjoy!


This is one of my most favorite times of the year! It’s getting a little bit warmer, the grass is turning green again, and you start to see a few flowers bloom. The other reason I love it is that the stores start putting out all of their Easter outfits.

I don’t usually suggest that kids (especially toddlers) wear something dressy to take pictures in, but Easter pictures are definitely an exception. So many times I catch myself purchasing the perfect dress for my girls to wear, and they end up only wearing it once or twice. You might as well attempt a third time and have some portraits made of your little darling looking perfect, even if he/she isn’t! 🙂

Many Easter outfits are your basic pastel colors. Most of the time, the lighter colors can look very washed out in pictures. I suggest mixing some pastels and darker shades of color to make your outfits stand out more. You’ll see that there are various colors in both of the girls’ dresses, which also makes it easier to find something which coordinates for the boy to wear. If you tend to steer away from the dressier outfits because you know you won’t get as much use out of them as you’d like, you can still have the great colors with something more casual. Just follow the same guidelines of the dark and light colors mixed together!

Now that you have some great wardrobe choices, be sure to talk with your photographer about the location you’d like to use. For Easter pictures, some great choices are a local park, somewhere with a pond, or even an arboretum if you have one nearby.

Spring Easter Outfit Ideas

Shopping List

Girl’s Dressy OutfitCrazy 8

Dress – $34.95
Cardigan – $26.95
Shoes – $22.75
Necklace – $12.95
Bracelet – $8.95
Headband – $5.00

Boy’s Dressy Outfit –  Crazy 8

Pants – $24.95
Shirt – $16.95
Sweater Vest – $22.95
Shoes – $16.99

Girl’s Casual OutfitHanna Andersson

Dress – $19.00
Shoes – $74.00
Necklace – $10.00
Bracelet – $8.00
Headband – $8.00

Boy’s Casual Outfit –  Gap

Shorts – $26.36
Shirt – $16.50
Shoes – $19.50