Wardrobe Wednesday {Stylin’ Seniors}

Hearing the snow plow pass by the house for the first time makes it a little hard to hear a Texan talk about cold weather, but I won’t hold it against her 🙂 Lindsay has once again picked out some killer outfits, and her advice on layering and making small wardrobe changes for different looks is spot on. Don’t worry, to balance things out for you northerners, I’m working on my own Wardrobe Wednesday post for next week – outfit ideas for people who already have their snow shovels out!


Since I have a bunch of senior girls on my winter schedule this year, I thought I would offer some tips on how to make the most of your winter wardrobe using two of your best friends – layers and accessories!  Winter portraits are the perfect opportunity to layer, layer, and layer again.  For Outfit #1 I paired a feminine ruffled cami with skinny jeans as a base.  Then add in some gorgeous boots, a belted vest, and scarf for an awesome mix of textures.  Now down here in Texas there are some winter days where you could get away with just that, but when you need to stay warm, you can pair this ensemble with a cute cardigan or pea coat jacket, and add a beret for a little something extra!  The nice thing about all of those layers is that you can have several looks within one outfit.  I always encourage my seniors to switch out things like accessories and jackets to give a fresh look to the same basic outfit.  It’s amazing the difference it can make.  Wear the scarf for a few shots and then ditch it in favor of a beautiful charm necklace.  Tie back your hair in a low loose ponytail and add the beret for a completely different vibe.  The possibilities are endless!

I always recommend bringing at least one casual and one dressier outfit for your senior session.  I’m getting cold just thinking about wearing a dress outside in the winter, so I’m offering you another option in Outfit #2.  Pair a sweet lacy floral tank with black skinny jeans or leggings and gorgeous black boots for a more glamorous look.  Add a black blazer or even a black leather jacket for a little extra flash.  What you have now is a killer dressy outfit that will help keep you warm too!

WW 2010-12-01

An AMAZING resource that I used to put together Outfit #1 is Wet Seal’s “Runway”.  As you browse their clothes, you can add your choices to your Closet, then go to My Boutique to put together actual outfits.  It’s a really great way to see how things look as part of an ensemble.  I used the outfit-maker (not Photoshop) to create the base look in Outfit #1.  Even if you don’t plan on shopping at Wet Seal, it’s a great way to find inspiration and have a little fun.  Enjoy!

Shopping Tip:  Is Nordstrom’s a little pricey for your budget?  Check and see if you have a Nordstrom Rack in your area!  It’s a discount/overstock chain of Nordstrom stores and you will be absolutely floored by the amazing clothes AND prices you can find there.  It’s one of the first places I look when putting together my own family portraits.


Shopping List: Everything can be found at either Wet Seal or Nordstrom.

Outfit #1

Lace Ruffle Cami (Wet Seal) – $22.50

Skinny Jeans (Wet Seal) – $29.80

Faux Leather Scrunch Boots (Wet Seal) – $29.50

Bow Belted Vest (Wet Seal) – $20.50

Double Layer Knit Scarf (Wet Seal) – $12.50

Beret (Nordstrom) – $24.50

Taupe Cardigan Sweater (Nordstrom) – $39.00

Olive Coat (Nordstrom) – $42.90 (sale)

Crystal Heart Necklace (Wet Seal) – $9.00

Layered Flower Earring (Wet Seal) – $6.00

Outfit #2

Black Skinny Jeans (Nordstrom) – $34.00

Floral Tank (Nordstrom) – $34.00

Black Boots (Wet Seal) – $34.50

Black Blazer (Nordstrom) – $44.00

Black Leather Jacket (Wet Seal) – $29.50

Multi Facets Charm Necklace (Wet Seal) – $8.50

Multi Bead Chandelier Earring (Wet Seal) – $6.00