Wardrobe Wednesday {New Years Eve Glam!}

I can’t believe 2010 is almost over! I’m already wondering how long it will take me to start writing ’11… Anyway, we’re just a few days away from ringing in the New Year — hopefully in style! If you’re like me and still don’t know what you’re wearing, Stephanie Reeder is here to save the day. Say it with me girls – GLAM!


Happy New Year to all the wonderful Wardrobe Wednesday Readers!!

I can hardly believe that Holiday Season is here and almost over. In just a few short days, the New Year will be here with tons of great things to look forward to. For now, the buzz is what to wear for your New Year’s Eve holiday party. I have taken the last month to find the perfect attire and am looking forward to ringing in the New Year with some of my closet friends and family. For this week’s Wardrobe Wednesday I thought it would be fitting to give some great tips for the perfect outfit and some oh so secret tips for the perfect party photo!

If you’re like me, New Years is probably the one and only time I go all out for the party. From the dress all the way to shoes and accessories. I love the glam and sparkle that New Years brings and my attire is no different. The hot new trends for the year are short glam dresses that can really flatter any figure, chunky accessories, and fabulous heels. So what’s your style??

First and foremost the most important part in preparing your New Year’s Eve attire is to find out what your venues dress code will be. From there you can dress your selection up or down depending on your party.

Color: The trend in color for this year’s new year party is the beautiful jewel tone. Gorgeous and very flattering to all skin tones {you really can’t go wrong}. Accenting for the jewel tone family is very easy to do with a silver or gold shoe depending on which side of the color spectrum you choose to lean towards.

Sparkle: Ok ladies it’s time to glam up and be flirty! New years is really the only day I allow myself to sparkle and trust me, I don’t shy away. There is nothing more beautiful then a little sparkle or shimmer in your dress and accessories. Eyes will turn with a form fitted rouched sleeveless dress from Express…My Fav!

Little Black Dress: So you say you have nothing to wear? I am sure we all have our stapled black dress waiting to be worn out of the closet. Trust me, you can’t go wrong with this selection. Select some fun silver or diamond accessories to glam it up a bit and your ready to be fabulous!

Shoes and Accessories: Have you seen all the fun heels out this season? From the peep toe to the fun and funky strappy heel;  there are so many to choose from. The most important selection in a heel is the comfort. If you’re going to be on your feet all night, make sure to have a fitted heel that won’t tear your feet up. With the variety and selection out this year, I am sure the perfect fit is there to compliment your style. Now to accessories. If you’re wearing white, make sure to pair your dress with a nice gold tone. For the jewel tones, make sure you pair your selection with a nice silver or sparkle, and finally, remember to have fun with your accessories. Chunky necklaces, bracelets, and a coordinating clutch will for sure complete your look for the night.

Photo Tips!! As a wedding photographer, I always use this tip for all my brides and bridesmaid photos. When posing for your party photo, remember to keep a flattering position by placing your weight on the back leg and the front leg at a relax bend. Standing to the side with one hand on the hip makes for a slim and flattering photograph as well. For the group photos try leaning in with a tight core and relax stance. Most of all make sure to smile and have fun with your New Years photos. This is the time to celebrate and be fabulous for the year ahead….Happy New Years!!

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