Wardrobe Wednesday {winter jackets for your body type}

Well, in my WW post last week I talked about outerwear options for your entire family. This week, Rebecca is narrowing the focus to just us ladies, and showing us how to pick the best jacket for our individual body types. Do you know what shape you are?


In the spirit of the wintry cold and snowy weather season upon us, we thought it would be a great idea to continue our outerwear theme from last week and take it one step farther, just for us girls.  You see, when dressing for your outdoor portrait session, outerwear is essential.  Think of it as an extension of your outfit, not as an afterthought!  To do this successfully, we must consider the same rules for dressing our individual body type, about which Kelly has been educating us with her exciting and insightful series of posts!  Keeping these rules in mind will not only help you find the perfect outerwear for your session, it will make you look FAB!  And really, isn’t that why we’re here?  🙂


Pear Shaped

1. Define your shoulders!

2. Draw attention to the upper body with cute neckline detailing.

3. Belted styles help define waist.

4. Hemline just above the knee.


Hourglass Shaped

1. Fitted or tailored styles are best.

2. Cinched waists to show off those curves!

3. Wrap jackets or deeper v-necks for full busts.

4. Hemline just above or just below the rear.


Apple Shaped

1. Look for single breasted, structured jackets.

2. Belted styles help define waist.

3. Wear outerwear open to “lengthen” your body.

4. Hemline should be mid-thigh.

Rectangle Shaped

1. All about creating the illusion of curves!

2. Wear outerwear with cinched waists that flare out to the hip.

3. Avoid straight cut, boxy styles with no shape.

4. Hemline: have fun!  You can wear most any length.


Show off that cute baby bump with these adorable maternity styles!




Macy’s $380

Burlington $49

Victoria’s Secret $129


Coldwater Creek $299

Victoria’s Secret $129

Burlington $99

Lord & Taylor $476


Lane Bryant $133

Avenue $85


Victoria’s Secret $109

Victoria’s Secret $79


Gap $70

Motherhood $30

Isabella Oliver $359

Pea In The Pod $199

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