Wardrobe Wednesday {one stop shopping at Chasing Fireflies}

I’ll admit that I was not familiar with Chasing Fireflies before Shannon mentioned them, but oh my gosh are they awesome! Not only do they have clothing and accessories for kids of all ages, but you can shop by categories like “Dinosaur”, “Tooth Fairy” and “Sock Monkey”. How adorable is that 🙂 Enjoy!


Raise your hand if you enjoy styles that are fun, whimsical…maybe a bit different?!?!? I know I do! Especially when it comes to my children. I have been checking out…visiting…ok ok, stalking Chasing Fireflies website for quite some time now. I finally caved in and got THE cutest summer outfit for my daughter (that’s her crazy self on the left!).

We coordinated a dress for her BFF and I shot an adorable shoot with them just being silly together. Since then, I’ve been stalking their site for new items.

When I realized I was up for the Wardrobe Wednesday {where fashion meets photography} post, I HAD to spotlight some of their cute stuff! I put together four different “looks” from their site.

Looks #1 and #2 are color coordinated, as are looks #3 and #4. The thing I love MOST about Chasing Fireflies is that you can find EVERYTHING you need there. You need coordinating tights? They have them! Hair accessories? Yup! Shoes? YES!  If you have time to shop around, more power to ya, otherwise, you can experience one stop shopping at Chasing Fireflies! Take a look for yourself and see if you can resist the cuteness! Happy browsing…shopping…buying!

11_3_10bSHOPPING GUIDE–all items can be found online at Chasing Fireflies!


$58. pocket vest

$20. oxford cloth shirt

$28. little levi’s

$30. low top chuck taylors


$78. floral ruffle dress

$24. lace-trim leggings

$28. glitter flower plum cloche

$110. button ugg boots


$78. dots of fun dress

$28. squiggly embroidered tights

$68. brown suede mary janes

$28. velvet flower headwrap


$58. reversible 99 vest

$34. rugged henley

$30. low top chuck taylors

  • November 6, 2010 - 2:58 pm

    Anna Cuykendall - I LOVE Chasing Fireflies! I bought the girls some dresses from there and Gabby got the “tutu cute” bathing suit. I love funky an different styles too!