Wardrobe Wednesday {style it your way}

Ladies, I will warn you now. Reading this post may or may not result in you sitting in front of a computer screen for the next 20 minutes or so (at least).Is the post that long? No. But it does contain information about a certain feature on a certain website (I don’t want to give it away) that is awesome.

We can all thank Rebecca for her great advice and fun distraction:-)


sorry guys, but sometimes it IS all about the girls.  what’s that age-old saying?  “if momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!”  well, the same holds true when it comes to family photographs.  it’s a BIG event, and even though dad and the kids get to throw on their outfits and just make it to the car in the knick of time, mom has probably put countless hours planning, preparing, and pulling-off this well-orchestrated event.  and after it’s all over, who is the person who proofs, chooses, and orders the family photos?  probably mom!!  so, i think it’s only fitting that mom takes center stage when starting to coordinate the family wardrobe, and build everyone else’s outfits around her.  where to start, you say??

HHEELLLLOOOOOOO piperlime!!  you may remember piperlime from back in the day, when they first started out just selling shoes.  i LOVED getting boxes from them…it was like getting two gifts in one because they had the GREATEST packaging…and i am ALL about the details!  they had cool green boxes and tissue paper with little limes on it.  so cool!!  NOW, not only do they still do shoes, but they also have a fabulous selection of hip, stylish, and affordable clothing for women.  there is SO much to see on the piperlime site.  under the women’s section, there are “headlines” and “top trends” sections to keep you in-the-know for the latest seasonal fashions.  but, my absolute MOST favorite thing about piperlime, other than their FAB clothing/shoes/accessories, is the “style it your way” feature.  it can be a little tricky to find at first…you have to check out the scrolling colored bars at the top of the page, but it’s well worth the look!!  with the “style it your way” feature, you can choose from a variety of the latest tops, bottoms, outerwear, shoes, and accessories to create your very own outfit.  not only can you select your own model, you can even select the background that you would like to see your outfit paired with!!  having your family photo session in your home?  got it!  urban location?  done!  flowers/trees/grass?  yep!  AND…they even have a fall foliage background!!  BONUS!!

even if you don’t find exactly what you want in the wardrobe selections, it’s an invaluable tool to see the outfit while getting ideas on color and textures.  fall is a great time to start layering your wardrobe and sometimes it can be a tricky process.  the “style it your way” feature lets you do that, and more!  tuck or untuck your jeans into your boots, tuck or untuck your shirt, open or close your jacket or cardigan…the possibilities are limitless!  after you whip up your wardrobe, you can save your “look” for future reference, and you can even share your “look” on facebook if you want feedback from your friends!  and since piperlime is owned by the same company as banana republic, gap, and old navy, their handy links are right at the top of the page, so you can head over to their stores to complete the outfits for your family!  so get going…after all, shopping for your family portrait session should be half of the fun! :)

shopping guide:

old navy blazer: $49.50
gap undershirt: $17.99
gap boot cut jeans: $64.50
gap leather belt: $34.50

gap sweater: $36.50
old navy skirt: $16.50
cwd kids leggings: $20
piperlime naturino boots: $86

old navy shirt: $14.50
old navy pants: $17.50
piperlime sketchers shoes: $38