Wardrobe Wednesday {fall wardrobe – couples}

This week Stephanie put together two stylish and very affordable outfits for  couples this fall. Once again, I want to own everything…


Fall can be such a wonderful time of year to capture the true love at heart. The last couple of weeks we have showcased great wardrobes selections for dressing the families for fall photos. This week, we've decided to showcase the "couple" as family or engaged. As a wedding photographer, I love capturing the story of engaged couples during the fall season. For most, this is the opposite time of year that they'll be married and adds as a great contrast to their wedding day photos. Not only is this a great time to capture the love, it's also a fabulous time to capture the colors of fall. With the leave changing to bright orange, yellow, and red; you can truly have a variety of color added to your wardrobe selection. In this week's Wardrobe Wednesday {where fashion meets photography}, I've decided to showcase two different selections for your fall "couple" photos. 

First we have our classic dressy yet somewhat urban selection that highlights the couple against the colors of fall. With the darker colors, you'll truly stand out from the vibrant colors and allow your love story to be the highlight of your session. Not only will this selection allow you as the couple to be showcased, it also adds a bit of a the romantic european feel. Imagine yourself being amongst the hustle and bustle of urban lifestyle with beautiful brick and colorful trees surround. This selection can be worn with or without the jackets and can certainly be dressed up with beautiful accessories 

Selection number two is more of a full fall attire. With the earthy tones and sweaters your able to capture the true feeling of fall and cuddling next to one another to keep warm. You can choose to go with adding pattern as you see in the selection seen here or change it up a bit with solid more simplified colors. Either way, you're story will be told as a whole with the feel of the fall in love season.

I always try to express to my engaged or couple clients that your wardrobe represents you and your love story. So make sure to pick an attire that will allow your love together to be captured and featured as your story before your future "family" photos. With fall as your backdrop, the colors will pop regardless. What you want is to showcase your love and life together before children and other life's responsibilities. Best of luck to you and if you ever need some suggestions, please feel free to contact any of us at Wardrobe Wednesday {where fashion meets photography}


Look No. One



Crossover Dolman Blouse $59.50 Gap

Curvy Jean $69.50 Gap

Ruffle Collar Coat $59.50 Gap



Velvet Blazer $98.00 Gap

End on end tailored shirt $29.99

Standard fit jeans $54.50


Look No. Two



Cropped Toggle "Jet Sweater" $30.00 Old Navy

Long perfect tank $6.97 Old Navy

Diva skinny jean $29.50 Old Navy

McNeff boots $140.00 Aldo



Argyle v-neck sweater $16.00 Old Navy

Loose fit jeans $29.50 Old Navy

Yaden shoes $60.00 Aldo