Wardrobe Wednesday {fall family session}

Don’t ask me why, but I’m sitting in my office wearing jeans on a 90+ degree day. I love the warmth of summer (and just might jump in a lake later today), but I’ll admit I’m definitely getting the fall clothing itch. Maybe I just long for the days of shopping for new fall school clothes…

In any case, cooler weather is heading our way whether we like it or not. Now is the time to book your fall portrait session – spots will fill up fast. And think, you’ll be able to get your holiday cards and gifts (lovely portraits, of course) out of the way! For us Wardrobe Wednesday girls it means we can now start recommending an entirely different set of outfits for your shoot – something we’ve been excited about for months! Jennifer of Minor Impressions Photography is kicking things off – enjoy!

“Here in Texas, it’s still HOT and the thought of putting together an outfit for the fall just seemed downright dreadful! If you’re anything like me, you like to procrastinate a little bit, and you can’t help but laugh (or cry) at the thought of planning anything for the holidays already. But, here it is September, and most photographers are beginning to schedule those family sessions right now. So, don’t wait too long and miss out on your chance to have the holiday card everyone is talking about!!

Alright, now that you’ve scheduled your family session, what to wear?? You would think that it would be easier to just have everyone wear the same color shirt and be done with it, right?! Not so fast – it is almost always inevitable that someone purchases a cream shirt instead of a white one, or maybe their black shirt is a little more faded than yours, or your idea of red is a little bit closer to maroon than cherry red. It’s usually MUCH harder to match all of the same colors instead of coordinating around one outfit. In the wardrobe below, I’ve picked out a dress for the girl that has multiple colors. Everyone else has a shirt or sweater that blends in with at least one of the colors of the dress. Add a few accessories and voila, you have a matching ensemble without trying to “match” 4 shirts of the same color.”



Shopping List:


Girl’s Outfit

Sweater Dress – JCPenney – $19.99

Boots – Kohls – $39.99

Headband – LovMely Accessories – $15.00


Boy’s Outfit

Polo – JCPenney – $7.99

Jeans – Kohls – $17.99

Shoes – Kohls – $34.99


Mom’s Outfit

Sweater – Old Navy – $34.50

Jeans – Old Navy – $25.00

Boots – Kohls – $28.99

Bracelet – JCPenney – $10.99

Earrings – JCPenney – $8.99


Dad’s Outfit

Shirt – Kohls – $27.99

Jeans – Kohls – $36.99

Shoes – Kohls – $39.99