The cake played defense! {Cake Smash sneak peek}

We never saw it coming…

On his first birthday, Cadence and his parents were excited to start the day with a Cake Smash.

Cake + Kid = Good Times. Right?

What no one saw coming was the defensive strike the cake had planned. You see, the second – and I mean the second – Cadence put his hands into the thick frosting, a GIANT glob shot like a missile into his eye. Immediate. Game over. Score one for the cake.

As a friend pointed out, I might have just given Cadence a temporary case of jophaboia – the fear of cake. That’s a real word, and somehow this is a real anxiety disorder (or at least according to Google). Cadence wailed like you wouldn’t believe every time he was placed near the thoughtfully created (and tasty) #1 birthday cake.

After trying to calm him, we all decided a short drive around the corner (he’ll forget this ever happened, right?) might do the trick. It worked! Cadence cheerfully came back and attacked the dessert like a 1-year-old normally does. Phew…