Wardrobe Wednesday {wedding details}

On your big day, how can you take your wardrobe to the next level? Wedding photographer extraordinaire Stephanie Reeder, of Stephanie Reeder Photography, has killer style and some great suggestions. And be sure to check out her links at the end – I’m already addicted to one of them… Thanks, Stephanie!

She writes…

It’s your special day and you want to capture it all!! As a wedding photographer I am always looking for the smallest details and personalization. So ladies and well gents when it comes to planning your special day always remember the smallest detail is and will be captured. I love when a bride personalizes not only herself, but her groom, and bridesmaid as well.  I am not about to tell a bride what to wear on her special day, but I thought it would be fun to discuss some great trends and alternatives for those who love to dream of all things beautiful!

Hair piece or veil?

A veil is a beautiful and traditional way to go and how stunning is a bride with a fingertip veil walking down the isle. Some fun ways to be different and bring flare to your dress is glamorizing your style by adding a fun broach,  bird cage veil, and/or soft feather to your hair.


Every girl dreams of her special day all dressed in white. Now it’s time to accessorize with jewels and gorgeous gems. I love when a bride has a special story behind her jewelry. Whether it was on a romantic trip to Mexico where she found the bluest of turquoise bracelet, or personalized it further with her great grandmothers diamond earrings. Either way by adding a story to your jewelry it tells an additional story or memory in your wedding day photos. Also something fun to remember is adding color to your dress through jewelry gives an extra detail some brides tend to overlook.


Remember comfort is important when picking out your shoes. Make sure to be aware of the ground you’ll be walking on as well. Golf courses and heels don’t always favor one another, neither do stilettos and cobble stone. After choosing your comfort think of personalizing your footwear with glam, fun colors, or the cutest of floral.

Bridal Bouquet

Choose your favorite flowers and style them together by adding a special touch with your mother’s broach, favorite trinket, or that special butterfly that reminds you of someone special. Your flowers are what complete your look and why not keep the story telling going with the array of beautiful flowers which will be held in your hands and lead by your heart.


Bridesmaids make sure to always keep the bride at heart and ask her what she wishes for you to wear on her special day. With that being said, it’s always a fun idea to have a theme with accessories and shoes for your bridesmaids. I have even seen where brides get creative and make special flower wristlets for their bridal parties or have them walk the isles with different arrangements such as lanterns, crystal balls, and even lollipops to fit their candied theme.


Now ladies, I know we dream of how our dresses, shoes, and jewelry come together, but don’t forget the men in your life who will fabulously be meeting and leading you down the isle. Color coordination is key and already probably a known, but don’t forget those small details we were talking of earlier. Cufflinks, handkerchiefs, socks, and ties are always a special and fun way to accessorize. Trends now, are even suggesting the simplest of suites if your style permits.

Oh how the details could go on. I could seriously re-plan my wedding over and over again with details, but in the end, its those details I remember in my photographs. Your photographer is there to help capture your planning, your fairytale dreams, and love of your special day. Keep every detail personal to you and your fiance. Find a theme or even a story to tell through out your day. If you ever need some great inspiration, head on over to some of my favorite blogs. Happy Planning!

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