Wardrobe Wednesday {babies and toddlers}

This week’s Wardrobe Wednesday post is jam-packed with great wardrobe ideas AND other thoughts on preparing for a session with your toddler. It can be one of the most difficult ages to photograph – too old to stay still for long and too young for effective bribing. A cute wardrobe is only the start, as Erica of Erica May Photography tells us, there are lots of other things you can do to make your session goes as smoothly as possible for everyone! Here’s what she has to say:

“Babies and Toddlers can definitely be the hardest age group to photograph. Between the spitting up, drooling, crying, and running away from the camera it can get pretty difficult. However, when you get that great shot of a challenging toddler all the hard work pays off! But dressing your baby/toddler doesn’t have to be hard! This is the one time in your child’s life that they won’t have a strong opinion about what you dress them in so go for it! I give you permission to go crazy and get your toddler something ridiculously cute to wear to their session!

I put together some great outfits below that are full of personality, color, and layers – all things we have been talking about every week in our Wardrobe Wednesday posts. Of course, I would never spend $100 on an outfit for my little boy to wear everyday but I do splurge for his photo shoots. Why? Because it totally makes the pictures come alive! For babies and toddlers make sure to try their outfit on ahead of time to make sure it fits them just right (even if it means buying the size they are about to outgrow!).

It is always a good idea for a toddler session to bring a snack and drink for them so they can take breaks during their session (being that cute is hard work!). A really good trick to get portraits of your baby/toddler holding still is to bring something for them to do. We had a fantastic post a few weeks ago about props and toddlers are a great example of how a prop can make a picture. I added a few pictures below of toddlers in action with their props. Often we can save the prop for the end of the session when they are bored with it all and it gives the child an extra boost of energy and smiles! Remember toddler photo shoots don’t always go as planned but just relax and try to have fun!”