Wardrobe Wednesday {child portraits}

Due to technical difficulties, Wardrobe Wednesday is just a wee bit late this week (sorry!); however, I think you’ll find it’s more than worth the wait. Stacie, of Stacie Hawley Photography, is our guest contributor for the week and did an amazing job. She’s put together a step by step guide to dressing your kids for their portrait session. She also features one of my new favorite shops, miniBoden. Enjoy!

Stacie writes,

“My favorite people to shoot, you ask?  KIDS – of course!!  They are so fun, spunky and full of personality.  Even better, they don’t mind being goofy and crazy – they welcome the unusual – and they love to be unique.  That’s why when I give style suggestions for kiddo shoots I always recommend these FIVE things.

1. Go for the BOLD…

It’s all about the color and pattern!  There is no better way to show off their bright shining personalities then through their clothes!  Colors should be bold – not neon.  If it even remotely resembles the oh-so-famous (could they get any brighter?) yellow/pink/green/blue/etc. school highlighter – it’s a no go.  Deep strong color is key. Also, patterns can be your friend.  Thick stripes, large polka dots, and chunky plaid are all great!  Just make sure to stick with one bold pattern per outfit.

2. Three’s Company…

This is a simple rule and I have no idea where I heard it, but I live by it.  It’s all about coordinating your colors.  You wonder – how in the world do I know what color goes best with what?  Ack.  It can be very intimidating.  I’ve been there. But don’t worry – breath – what I tell you next will free your mind.  Are you ready… ANYTHING GOES TOGETHER.  Did you get that – I know totally mind boggling.  But it’s true.  Anything goes as long as the colors appear a few times throughout your outfits.  For example, in the pictures below –so graciously borrowed from the miniBoden website (love their style) – you will see this rule used over and over again.  Yellow, brown, blue, burgundy – WHAT?  They can’t go together you say – oh yes my friend – they can!!  Yellow appears in the jacket, tights, and hat.  Blue appears in the tights, skirt, and jeans.  Burgundy/brown appears in the shoes, tights, hairclip….etc.  I usually suggest 2-3 main colors and then have them appear 3 or more times throughout the outfits.  Easy Peasy lemon squeezy.  Right?!!

3. One Singular Sensation…

When building an outfit, pick one thing your child likes – this could be a hat, necklace, jacket, tights, boots, shirt, etc. – and build up.  If it’s a hat, then look at it, find the colors in it, and then add to the outfit by following rule number 2.  For example, I heart the little grey kitten shirt below.  If I started with this, I could then build up my outfit using the colors within, which in this case are blue, red, and white.  Adding a jacket, jeans, shoes, and then creating a complimentary look following rules number 1 and 2 leaves you with the completed look.  Bravo miniBODEN.

4. Layer Cake…

Now that you’ve got your colors squared away, just make sure to layer…layer…layer.  Chunky layered looks add dimension and spunk – especially when you use various textures.  Add a fun jacket, a sweater, a vest, a belt, a hoodie – well the list goes on and on.  Just do it – I promise it will be just what the doctor ordered!  Check out the cute dudes below, layered to perfection!

5. Comfort Zone…

Last but definitely NOT least – make sure all clothing is comfortable!!  Kids want to be able to move and groove as they normally would, and as the photographer, I want them to too.  When they feel comfortable in their clothing it shows, again letting their personality shine through.  Then I can do my oh-so-fun job of capturing them dancing…jumping…laughing…being themselves – being kids.

Well – I hope this helps ya’ll!!  Happy Kiddo Stylin’!!

All outfits can be found at www.miniboden.com.  They are awesome for way cute kid fashion.  Plus sometimes most of the times – they do the hard styling work for you – fancy that! Ha ha.”