Wardrobe Wednesday {what to bring}

For a long time, the word “prop” was just a dirty four-letter word to me. You know you’ve seen those cheesy pictures that couldn’t look more staged if you had an entire summer theatre crew working with you. To each is own, but that just isn’t my style. I think it’s time to change what we all think of when we hear the word “prop”, because what you bring to a shoot can play as much a role in the final product as what you wear.


Props (or accessories) can be fun, fashionable and functional. For example, the parasol below looks beautiful and shields her from the harsh sun, creating great even lighting on her face. Bubbles or baskets can keep a child both entertained and in the same location long enough to snap a few pics. The possibilities are endless, so remember to think about the little extras when it comes to your shoot. No idea is too crazy to suggest – I love creativity!

This post was the brainchild of the amazing Rebecca Keeling – enjoy!

“We’ve all been brainstorming lately about the direction our Wardrobe Wednesday posts will take now that we’ve covered pretty much every type of session we can imagine in the MOST fashionable and fabulous summer outfits.  And we’ve all agreed that Fall will be a great transition time for even more amazing clothing finds, steals, and deals.  But what to do with the “in-between” time where it’s just too darn hot to start talking about your Fall wardrobe??  Well, hopefully our next few posts will spark your interest with things a little outside the wardrobe realm but still incredibly relevant to having a most incredible photo session…which, after all, is why you are here…right??!!  🙂

Today’s post is all about the props.  Theatrical presentations all have at least one thing in common…they all use props to tell a story…to draw you in…to peak your interest…to hold your attention.  As a photographer, I like to think of myself as a storyteller.  It’s not good enough just to take a random snapshot with no context, no story, no purpose.  Our job as custom photographers is to get to know our clients, what they like, how they live, how they love, what makes them different.  Props play a big role in this storytelling process.  For babies, it might be an antique family heirloom carriage; for children, it could be their love of bubbles, flowers, trucks, bugs; for families, you may have a chair or settee with sentimental value; for seniors, they all have hobbies; and for couples, you have romance!  Everyone has a story to tell and we love to help you tell that story by using props.  So let’s get creative, and let’s get started telling YOUR story today!”

The following pictures are from the Wardrobe Wednesday team: Erica May PhotographyLindsay Horn PhotographyRebecca Keeling Studios,Shannon J. Dodge PhotographyStephanie Reeder PhotographyKelly V. PhotographyMinor Impressions Photography and moi.