He’ll be a great big brother…

Have you met Mr. James yet?  

He's not quite two, but I like to call him "Mr. James."  That's because he's the first infant I've seen start to grow up through the lens of my camera. He is becoming quite a little man, as you'll see below.

I first met James and his absolutely amazing mom Robyn a year ago when I accompanied them on their first family trip to the zoo. He wasn't walking then but really seemed to enjoy the day – even with a crazy stalker towing a camera around behind him!

We met again last fall when the family picked out Halloween pumpkins.  James had grown into a walking machine and was a joy to follow around.  He's always been comfortable with me, and I think it shows in the portraits: Instead of a series of forced smiles, we see natural smiles and genuine moments of expression.

A few weeks ago marked my third visit with Mr. James and my first chance to meet his awesome dad Daniel.  James is now a little taller, faster, and somehow even cuter than before.  He's also getting ready to be a big brother in just a few months.  His sister will be a lucky little girl…